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Location: Main Stage

Colorado grown — born and raised at 5280.

“I don’t like country music but I like you.”

Maybe it’s that “no-fear-of-the-edge” mentality that hooks the non-country-lovin’ folk… but no doubt the 6’4” bass-baritone powerhouse melts, molds, and moves you the way only a man of country music can. . 

The most common question a singer will be asked is, “When did you start singing?” Buckstein’s answer: “When I found out that the chicks dig it.” Sounds like a punchline but it’s the truth.

Buckstein Opening act DJ: DJ Lil Joe


Location: Pavillions

Bowregard has taken the Colorado bluegrass world by storm, winning both the 2019 Telluride Bluegrass Band Contest and the 2018 Ullrgrass Bluegrass Band Contest within a year of forming. Sweet and mournful vocal harmonies join nimble picking and strikingly original songwriting and arrangements that combine old-time music, progressive new acoustic music, and bluegrass into a truly unique sound unlike anything else on the front range of Colorado. Their onstage energy is undeniable, with the band working a single vocal mic to drive the crowd into a whirlwind that fills the dance floor and doesn’t let up until the last note of the night.

Bowregard began in Boulder, Colorado when guitarist Max Kabat and five-string banjo player James Armington met fiddler Colleen Heine and bassist Zachary Smith, who were newly transplanted to Colorado after making a name for themselves in the music scene of Savannah, Georgia. Rockygrass 2016 Dobro champion Justin Konrad joined the group in early 2019.

Released in July 2020, Bowregard’s first full-length album, Arrows, was recorded at eTown Studios in Boulder, CO and produced by Nick Forster.

Blake Horstmann

Location: Mile High Spirits Stage

Blake Horstmann first came to the attention of the public as a contestant on 

The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. However, while he was not lucky in love on TV, he did find his calling in the music industry while guest DJ’ing a fellow Bachelor alumni’s event.

 Through his dedication to his craft, a passion for music, and some questionable dance moves, Blake gained momentum as a DJ, playing in clubs from LA to NYC and a residency in his home town of Denver, CO. 

 As of Spring 2022 Blake has joined Roadhouse, a collaboration project with DJ Silver, the first DJ to ever be signed to a Nashville label. 

Neon Moon

Location: Stage 2


Denver’s top shelf players have joined forces to create a revival of your favorite era in country music – The 90’s! Neon Moon faithfully and authentically reproduces the biggest hits of the decade with a large 8 member band including fiddle, keys, pedal steel, tele, and both male and female lead vocals. We pack the dance floor with over 40 barn burners and ballads that are sure to cure your Bro-Country blues. Yippiekiyay MF’s!

Boom Box

DJ info coming soon…