Chicken Rebel

Competing Chicken

Restaurant: Chicken Rebel
Category: Fried

We are proud to be female owned and operated. Founder, Lydie Lovett, hails from San Diego where she started as a food stand. She then traveled to Denver in July 2017 where she began with a food truck that then led to her first brick and mortar in the lower highlands of Denver.

Our handcrafted chicken sandwiches are sous vide keeping the juicy flavor packed into every bite. 

All of our sandwiches are made with organic chicken raised in a humane environment. All of our ingredients are natural and all of our sauces are made in-house.

Featured Spirit

Featured Spirit: 21 SEEDS Tequila
Cocktail: 21 SEEDS

Hi, I’m Kat. I created 21 SEEDS because it’s what I wanted to drink – something smooth, simple and casual with fresh, natural flavor that made drinking tequila as approachable as a glass of wine. Before it was a brand it was just a couple of bottles infused in my kitchen with things I had on hand. Cucumbers, jalapeños, oranges, and grapefruit all worked in tequila cocktails, so why not just add them straight to the tequila? Our goal for 21 SEEDS is more than just a delicious tequila: we want it to inspire you to gather your tribe of friends new and old, cross borders, share ideas and make connections. It’s the seed of something bigger.