GQue Championship BBQ

Competing Chicken

Restaurant: GQue Championship BBQ
Category: Wings

The “Sultan of Swine” and “Maestro of Meat,” Jason Ganahal of G-Que is a decorated barbecue champion who knows how to bring the heat. G-Que BBQ lays claim to Denver’s barbecue scene, offering meticulously crafted signature sandwiches for dine-in and fresh meats by the pound for take-away. Bragging the “finest quality meats, best seasonings, and freshest ingredients,” G-Que has won dozens of competitions and awards, most recently taking first place at Denver’s Chicken Fight Festival.

Featured Spirit

Featured Spirit: Hirsch

In 1974, when A. H. HIRSCH first imagined his now legendary bourbon, he set the gold standard for thoughtful American whiskey. Today, HIRSCH continues to pursue whiskey as an explorer might consider uncharted territory. We believe the world is full of possibility, there’s always room for discovery, and craft is best balanced with experimentation. With obsessively discerning selections, HIRSCH continues to blaze trails for the adventurous.