Lake House Kitchen + Tavern

Competing Chicken

Restaurant: Lake House Kitchen + Tavern
Category: Fried

A polished casual full service restaurant inspired by the iconic American Vacation Home, The Lake House.

The Lake House Kitchen Tavern celebrates an affordable and casual experience with family, friends and community. Staff  makes sure that our guests enjoy their stay in our Lake House with Complimentary Hospitality and properly prepared food and beverage that is nostalgic of those enjoyed with family and friends at The Lake House.


Featured Spirit

Featured Spirit: Branch & Barrel

Ryan and Tom were working in Boulder, CO when they decided it could be a hell lot of fun to make an authentic bourbon whiskey in their spare time. Together with their handy friend Scott, they fashioned an old water heater into a still, and began to fiddle with different recipes. After many fruitless attempts, they found out a formula that worked. Once successfully distilling a delicious white spirit, they turned to using cuttings from the tree branches in Tom’s backyard to flavor their liquor, stored in mason jars in Tom’s basement! As a result, our first barrels were these branches; hence our name ‘Branch & Barrel’. Friends and family loved it so much that they pushed to scale-up production and turn Branch & Barrel into a business.