Lou’s Food Bar

Competing Chicken

Restaurant: Lou’s Food Bar
Category: Fried

Located in the vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood, Lou’s is a Nashville-style hot chicken joint from Chef Frank Bonanno. Frank was cooking at Nashville Food and Wine with Johnny Drama and they went on this tour of face-melting, fire-burping fried chicken joints—places like Hattie B’s and Prince’s that have been frying hot chicken for generations. Frank fried variations of spicy chicken and settled on a crispy take that we served up in our neighborhood spot, Lou’s.

Featured Spirit

Featured Spirit: TX Whiskey

Exclusively made from corn, wheat, and barley grown in Texas by a 4th generation farmer. Fermented with our own proprietary strain of yeast we captured from a Texas pecan. Made with pure, Texas water. Aged for over 4 years in our volatile North Texas climate.