Tap & Burger Concepts

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Restaurant: Tap & Burger Concepts

First and foremost, Tap and Burger is a family – our staff, our guests, and our community. Our mission is to nourish our guests and the communities we serve with warmth, hospitality, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Here at the Tap, our friendly, fun staff makes everyone feel completely at home, whether they are dining alone or with a large party, regulars or first-timers.

Featured Spirit

Featured Spirit: Wild Turkey

​​For 75 years, we’ve been making our whiskey at the top of Wild Turkey Hill in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. It’s where spirited tradition and devotion to our craft come together to yield an unparalleled lineup of bourbon. How we do, what we do — and where we do it — are equally important when it comes to making bourbon right. Our master distillers have over a century of experience making Kentucky Straight Bourbon the right way, The Wild Turkey way.